Write-up: Letter to my future husband by Tami

Letter to my future husband by Tami Jay

Write-up: Letter to my future husband by Tami

This, is for my future husband a letter, although you’ll get to know me better, later, this my dear is some letter to help you prepare for the latter. So here we go :

Hi, first of I’m shy and that’s not so nice but if you strike a good convo I can give good replies. If I haven’t met you_good! let it be like that, I need to prepare like Jerusalem for her Jesus, so that you meet me, spotless, blameless, without blemish yea stainless, No I’m not gonna be perfect in fact if you have met me I seem unapproachable, rude, I’ve got an attitude but we gonn be good, I just need a little crude for my heart to heal from its wounds of disloyalty and impatience. So I hope you’re the kind of man that has excess love in his heart, so that on days when I act stone cold like ice unable to break, you will slide into my body, caress my soul, fondle with my heart and make me lose my mind again.

Letter to my future husband by Tami Jay

This, is for my future husband a letter, although you’ll get to know me better, later…

You will find out I’m a talkative, in fact, you might meet me talking, but on days when I want to be quiet, make sure to shut up, grab a chair make melody with my silence and dance to the rhythm of my heartbeat. I workout thrice a week, I cut my fingernails, four times in a year, Snoopy is the best name I love for a Dog and blue baby is not my best color but I don’t mind if you come out of the blues.

We will have a bond so tight that when young lovers are asked what kind of relationship they want they will say “this one” and when your friends ask you “how’s your woman?” You won’t have any reason to say “which one?”. Your feet will never have to stumble upon the floor, cause my knees will always be on the floor for us.

As time goes on, we will introduce ourselves to new imperfections, we’ll argue and on somedays we will fight, of course, you will see me mad and somedays you will see me sad, Mama says it’s not all rosy, but I’m her training, praying, so that my anger will melt down my elbow and both of us will never know what pride is meant to be.

If you have a past, I have a past too, I just pray that my romance will grow muscles and massage the deep corners of your mind cause some memories just have thick flesh and from time to time they make our hearts heavy, it’s fine baby, here, you will find peace that surpasses all understanding, let me stop here for now but one last thing:

I want you to know that I will not be like any other woman you’ve met, I learned from the best, so you can be rest assured that at 50 I will still give you butterflies.


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Letter to my future husband by Tami Jay

The author; Tami Jay.

Oluwatamilore James also known as Tami jay is a gifted writer and a lady of distinct potentials.
Discovering her talent at an early age of eight, she has dedicated her life to serving God and helping humanity.
In her new literary work which she titled “First Class Pressure”, she asserts the pressure parents place on their children and its consequencs. You can read First Class pressure on Luyis Updates NG – click here. Tami Jay is a spoken poet and a student of the University of Ibadan.

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