If World War 3 Happens, Only these 11 Countries will be the Safest.

World War 3

If World War 3 Happens, Only these 11 Countries will be the Safest.

World War 3 seems to be trending all over and the situation seems to be getting more tensed day by day. The war which was triggered by the killing of the Iran’s top general Qasem Soleimani, has raised a lot of concerns by many.

Citing the reasons for the killing of the Iranian General, President Trump said it was a necessary thing to do and pertinent to preventing possible future attack on the US. He went further to say that the death of the general is long due, [click here to read the article].

Recently, President Trump of the United States announced that it has procured military equipment worth trillions of dollars saying that it will not hesitate in attacking Iranians if any American is touched.

In response, the Iranians do not seem ready to opt-in for diplomatic resolution as the iron red flag has already been hanged, signifying the readiness for battle.
The eagerness to revenge the death of Qasem Soleimani has been adopted as a quest and a task to carry out.

If the feared World War 3 eventually happens, these 12 countries will be the safest place to be because of the high chances of survivability.

World War 3

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Safest Countries to be If World War III eventually Happens.

1). Canada:
Canada is a very huge country and this hugeness is an advantage over its downside of not being part of NATO. Canada has lots of hideous places, especially the Yukon Territory which is very mountainous and due to that, the region has a meagre population.

2). Bhutan:
A lot of people may have never heard about this country. Have you? This is another reason why it could be a very safe place to be if World War 3 kicks off. Bhutan is very secluded and it’s close to the Himalaya Mountains. You’ll find the country between India and China.

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3). Ireland:
Ireland is one of the countries that won’t likely be hit from a nuclear attack because right from the First World War, it’s been a neutral country.

4). Fiji:
A very isolated country. Only a few people have heard of it. You might not even find it on the world map and it’s a very good place to go hide your head if you don’t want to be seen.

5). Tuvalu:
This is a nation deep in the Pacific. It’s an island nation just like Fiji. Its remoteness and isolation are good reasons why it would be a safe place to be in times of war.

6). Norway:
Norway is another country to be because it’s going to be quite safe due to its advantageous “Global Seed Vault”.

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7). Iceland:
The crime rate in Iceland is exceedingly low. You can only find few cases of gender or class struggles in the country and a large population of its citizens are of the middle class. The most interesting thing about Iceland is the absence of military armed forces which serves as a threat elimination. Though it has no military armed forces, its arctic temperatures and a host of glaciers serve as a means of warding off armies.

8). Switzerland:
Looking at it, the geographical location of Switzerland might be a concern during war breakout because it borders Italy, France, and Germany but its mountains serve as a means of protection. Its heavily armed army and tradition of neutrality have been reassuring factors that the country would be a safe place in times of war as demonstrated during the violent past in Europe.

9). New Zealand:
Self-sufficiency is the main ingredient of New Zealand as a nation. The country is known for its low population giving rise to an abundance of food and agriculture. The country does not experience violence and terrorism like most other countries and it has no dangerous wildlife. It’s as well secluded and the stress of travelling to it is one of the reasons why it’s hardly invaded.

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10). Chile and the Andes:
Chile could be a very great place to stay in case World War 3 breaks out because its geographical position helps it get protection from the Andes.

11). Botswana:
Botswana might be the only safest African country to be when war eventually breaks out. And, this is as a result of the recent development in its economy. South Africa won’t be much of a great place to be because of the recent xenophobic crisis and political feuds. More so, a large number of Botswana residents speak English and the country is only inhabited by about 2 million people.

Looking at this incident, some Christians in some parts of the world have argued that this is part of the signs of end time that the Bible clearly stated about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What is the veracity of this claim, true or false? And, What do you have to say about this list? Is it justifiable? Do you think there should be another country on the list or one should be deleted? Tender your opinion below.

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