Poem: “When Death Comes” by Tayoluyis

When Death comes

When Death comes,
It’s like a thunder, hiding under the shadows of the rain
Smiling at the expected torrents of pangs
Lurking at the empty souls in actions.

When Death comes,
It offers its benevolence offers
Have one and take some more,
A mother in waiting and a child in fostering,
With available free rooms for kindreds,
Please patronize us more it says,
Nice and Kind,

Knows no color, race or profession
A Traitor, who usurps the loots of the nation
Feeding on the flesh of the healthy Articulates,
Glutting on the wounds of the Immaculates.

When Death comes

When Death comes,
It offers its benevolence offers
Have one and take some more…

Why have no honor for the wits?
The hands that saluted your deeds in sheets
The mouths that transported your vainglory
Yet, no honor for the minds that ballyhooed your story?

Death and his dirt,
Even the flirt cannot cajole its skirt
Disgusting the face of the pretty
Who were once the prime of our city.

When Death shall come,
Thou knoweth thus with thy rum?
The astrologer that promised you the boons,
Was visited last night by His goons.

Haha, I laugh at the gullibility of the old man,
Who says ‘Gbekude’ manipulates your conscience
The next day we heard he was no more
It was the sonorous cry of his fellows that woke us.

Death oh dirty dirt,
But why dost thou thus?
We know from whence we come lie dust,
But your irrationality robs us, too cost.

© Jemiluyi Omotayo (tayoluyis)

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