Poem: Who I am by Okorie Emmanuella

Okorie Emmanuella Chinonyerem

Poem: Who I am by Okorie Emmanuella

Who I am
Lost in a windy day,
Being tossed all around,
I ponder at what people might say,
To know where I abound

Some say I’m proud, selfish and nonchalant
But if I were proud, would I have a human heart?
Some say I’m gentle, nice and generous
But if I were gentle, will I take things to heart?
Some say I’m smart, beautiful and intelligent
But if I were beautiful, would I care for artificial beauty?
Some say I’m zealous, curious and inquisitive
But I doubt,if I were, would I not have been to Jupiter?
And then someone yelled that I’m a career lady
I couldn’t help but question,if I were, won’t I be earning billions?

I sat someday in a hay,
Surrounded with this,my heart started to pound,
Was I not in May,
When I realized I have found
Who I really am,I chose the path to live
While being surrounded by a river,
I chose to be the island

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About The Author

Okorie Emmanuella Chinonyerem

The author; Okorie Emmanuella Chinonyerem.

Okorie Emmanuella Chinonyerem hails from Abia state. She’s a student of University of Ibadan who adores writing poems and other creative write-ups.

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