Write-up: “Moments. Mood. Memories” by Tami

Letter to my future husband by Tami Jay

Write-up: “Moments. Mood. Memories” by Tami

I still remember everything about him, from the way his eyes danced about with mine when we were In public. I remember how we got to know each other seemed like a lovemaking process: how he searched my eyes indepthly to interpret my unsaid words and unexplainable emotions and I studying his traits and documenting his behavior…lol.

I remember the first time we sat to talk, the way it seemed like he had known me since forever, and as if he knew that I cherished rawness he let me in on his life and took me through the jittery lanes of his past.

We had memories at ice cream stands as well as coffee shops, we had memories at expensive restaurants as well as suya stands. We had moments of loud rowdy laughter and slow stares with a mixture of silence. I remember how we would argue over using forks and knives to eat but end up finishing the meal with our hands. I remember strolling a hundred meters for ten minutes and ten meters for hundred minutes just so the night could look longer.

You know, Intimacy is not skin touching skin, sometimes it is soul speaking to soul and most times minds touching each other. I remember how he always fights me for fighting back my words when speaking to him. A sapiosexual that he was, his love language was “go read up that book, so we could talk about it later this evening” and trust me I was so fluent, so we had nights of debates in the DM,arguements, and disagreement.

I remember that last day when we saw each other, I can bet it I saw tears in his eyes and mine too. We knew it was the end, we existed in two different worlds, we operated separate beliefs.

It couldn’t last but it was awesome while I had, the one perfect memory in my imperfect life. He asked me to go first because he couldn’t leave without me leaving first, although I protested, I left but the sad and greedy part about letting go is: you leave them but you don’t want anyone else to have them.


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Letter to, memories by Tami Jay

The author; Tami Jay.

Oluwatamilore James also known as Tami jay is a gifted writer and a lady of distinct potentials.
Discovering her talent at an early age of eight, she had dedicated her life to serving God and helping humanity.
In her new literary work which she titled “First Class Pressure”, she asserts the pressure parents place on their children and its consequencs. You can read First Class pressure on Luyis Updates NG – click here.

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