Learn French and German together for 2 months | Online Classes Start on 11th of May | Register Now.

Learn French and German together

Learn French and German together for 2 months | Online Classes Start on 11th of May | Register Now.

Langue Haus presents a rare opportunity to learn French and German language together for a duration of two months.

Those who desire to be a polyglot (a speaker of many foreign languages) can take advantage of this opportunity and get armed with the knowledge of being able to converse fluently and basically with these two languages.

When are classes starting?

Classes are set to commence on the 11th of May, 2020 and those who are interested in this amazing offer are invited to join the train and register as soon as possible before classes kick off.

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Mode of learning

The mode of learning would be online and it promises to be apt, fun, engaging, and conversational. Students would as well be given extra free e-books for beginners which will facilitate their learning. There will be videos as well and lessons would also be made available on LuyisMediaTV for those who miss a class.

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The price for taking part in the class is ten thousand naira only (N10, 000) for the whole two months duration.

The sum can be paid into any of these account numbers:

Account name: Jemiluyi Omotayo. A.
Bank name: First City Monument Bank (FCMB)
Account Number: 4839360019


Account name: Ajeboriogbon Titilope
Bank name: GT Bank
Account Number: 0138679850

NOTE: With this cheap fee, students will be able to have a basic conversation in French and German language with speakers of these languages.

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How to Register

Learn French and German together
People who are interested in seizing this opportunity to take part in the classes to learn French and German language together are to Call/WhatsApp any of these numbers to be added to the class group:


Good Luck!

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