Write-up: Last night, the old man came to me by Tayoluyis

Last night, the old man came to me...

Write-up: Last night, the old man came to me by Tayoluyis

I saw him clearly, just like a lustrous flyspeck light in the dark, he was conspicuous enough at sight. I moved closer to see who the strange creature was, it was an old man and he called to me “Young man, you disgrace me.”

I was startled, a disgrace? Was I, am I? Have I ever been? How could I be condemned to such opprobrium with such utterance that is composed of unsought odium and unrepenting obloquy? I asked myself as I managed to move a bit closer, curious, still, I was, at the corner I stood.

Last night, the old man came to me...

Last night, the old man came to me…

Taking a surreptitious scan at his face, I moved closer, gently. He appeared not quite scrawny as I’d thought but his eyes, they were sunken and yet, it sees better and farther than my “four eyes,” it must have been a result of the mysteries of life he had seen, perhaps, it should.

His apparel was eclectic and it had different colors that speak volume of distinct nations. He seems to be a traveler and share similarity with the renown “Ajala the traveler” but no, I couldn’t compare, he was way too knowledgeable, vibrant, intelligent and it would be ignominious and insipid that I would attempt to spit to congregate such calibre to one who was just history.

He echoed again, “Young man, you disgrace me.” This time, he was louder and more fierce. My curiosity had augmented and I had no choice than to courteously enquire what I have done. I fixed my gaze on him and I uttered “Old man, what have I done to you?”

Surprisingly, he laughed instead and, it made me more worried – a sheer laughter to demure this staid issuance? Is this the plan? He looked at me and moved nearer. He touched my shoulder, just like my late granddad used to do when he has something serious to say to his little boy and he asked calmly, “young man, why have you limited yourself below what I have deposited in you?”

“Deposits, what deposits?” I asked myself as I rummaged my thoughts silently. He looked into my eyes like a doctor examining a foetus in the womb of a pregnant woman and he concluded “You are doing below than I expect you to, you are giving way too less than I previse.

The wisdom I gave you is unmatched, the skills I planted in you are unrivalled. Yet, you complain of inadequacy and austerity when all the solutions to break out from the shell of want lies within you in queer dormancy, unconscious and screaming to be let loose, why have you reckoned to stay satisfied at the usual when you can have far above the expected normal?”

Those were the last questions he asked as I woke up from the little trip I had embarked on with sweat caressing my tender body. And alas, It was indeed a message for you and I!

We have a lot in us that we are not pushing through, the gifts we see as trash and waste away like its nothing, it’s high time we took it upon ourselves to fully harness our potentials and use it to the maximum fullest! You can do it, you started winning right from the start, remember?.

So, believe in yourself, forge ahead, let nothing rake you down, you are born to succeed, take a step today and say to yourself – I CAN DO IT!

© Jemiluyi Omotayo (tayoluyis)

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