Interesting Piece; “THE COFFEE SHOP” by Tami

The coffee shop

Interesting Piece; “THE COFFEE SHOP” by Tami

Next time you’re bored in the evening and have nothing else doing, make your way to a coffee shop, sit down near the huge show glass and look outside. Watch how the blue sky passes on to grey, watch as the birds tweet at each other to hurry home. Then swing your eyes over to the guy wearing a huge pair of glasses with a heap of books on his arm, making series of phonecalls because he has to meet deadlines. He’s definitely the office nerd!.

The coffee shop

A man at the coffee shop
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Look at sassy teenagers, chewing bubble gum loud, teasing each other and screaming at the top of their lungs no minding the meaning of ‘civil’. Look at the family dragging their luggage, trying to get a taxi, look at every child’s facial expression, are they happy or gloomy? Look at the shy couple, the ones that feel awkward to kiss each other in public, so they retort to holding hands and strolling but you can make sense of their love from how attentive he looks when she’s talking, how loud she laughs when the jokes aren’t even funny and how his lips curls up when she fleeks her hair to the back.

Look at the poor kids rolling tyres barefootedly from street to street, careless about what they’re wearing or who is looking, hurrying to buy the first set of hot dúndún and àkàrà ( friedyam and beancake) from their favorite roadside seller. Look at the rich kids peeping from the windows of their father’s car envious of the freedom of the kids in the street.

Then, there’s always that girl swaying her hips to the beat blasting off her headset who prefers to walk alone with rhythm than to be in the company of friends. Look at the old folks trying to get a grasp of the “good last days” they take long strolls embracing the warmth of life they once despised, by working off their youthful days. On to the single mum who’s been in and out of supermarts trying to get her baby boy’s favourite toy.

Maybe like me, you just realize that there’s a part of everyone in you. The wild. The sassy. The careless. The envious. The people-pleasing. The shy. The lonely. In a world of multiple characters, take time to introspect. Live in the moment. Stay true to who you are.

_ Tammy.

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