#EndSars: Wizkid to Join Protesters in London on Sunday

Wizkid to join protesters in London

#EndSars: Wizkid to Join Protesters in London on Sunday

Nigerian top music star; Ayo Balogun, who is famously referred to as Wizkid is set to join protesters in London on Sunday.

Wizkid to join protesters in London

There has been a massive nationwide protest on Nigerian youths and Nigerians in general calling on the ending of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) who has become a menace and a threat to the lives and property of Nigerian youths.

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The youngsters in Nigeria can no longer cope with the brutalisation, harassments, and killings by these armed men who are actually meant to protect the citizens of the country but rather doing otherwise.

With the peaceful protests ongoing in different parts of the country, plans and arrangements have also been made for protests to be held at Nigerian embassies in foreign countries.

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Dr. Dipo Awojide who’s part of those organizing a peaceful protest in London this Sunday has urged Wizkid to be a part of them in London.

And thankfully, Wizkid responded with a positive sign.

It should be noted that Wizkid is one of the premier Nigerian celebrities who fearlessly called on the Nigerian president over his insensitivity and nonchalance to SARS and their incessant harassments and killings.

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