Write-up: Before my daughter is born by Tami

Before my daughter is born by Tami

Write-up: Before my daughter is born by Tami

I will be 3 then 5 then 9 months pregnant. Her father will give her 9 names, I will refuse 5, we will hold on to 3. Before my daughter learns to walk I will move her from here to there to build her scales, but I will teach her that she doesn’t have to have muscles to do the same for me, ’cause anytime she smiles I will be moved.

In a world where saturated values are transitioning from generation to generation, I will teach her that education is key but with dignity, humility, and beauty you have a bunch of keys. I don’t know if my daughter will be light-skinned or dark-skinned, I will not choose her father by his skin color, but perhaps she complains her skin being brown, I will tell her not to worry I’m paying school fees so her future will be fair enough.

Before my daughter is born by Tami

Before my daughter is born, I will carry her in my womb for 9 months, but when she is born, I will carry her in my soul forever….

I will teach my daughter to embrace her sunbaked skin but I hope she will learn that beauty is engraved in the soul and not on the body. I will teach my daughter to keep her body sacred, not scared because I will teach her a toast of humility with slices of courage, I will teach her that she doesn’t have to be a man to be strong but she can man up to strong situations.

I will teach my girl that she’s a queen so she will act like it, talk like it, dress like it, and wait for a man who treats her like it. I hope she will never have to talk about one night stands, and I hope she will be too hot for one mic stands.

When my daughter is 17 and her curves start to shapen out, when her hips get rounder and her lips get fuller and she has a fleet of guys perching over her I will teach her that emotions are fragile feelings, and I hope the man who melts her heart will be there when it solidifies. When my daughter calls me in the middle of frightening situations, I will remind her that behind all those pictures of me wearing Dolce and Gabbana are nights I slept on one banana, I will tell her “your failure will not be unique but your perseverance will be” I will tell her “disappointments will bruise your ego but they form a testament of testimonies afterwards” I will tell her that when your legs are weak you go down on your knees! and that won’t be new to her ’cause I will roll models for her, dip my hands into clay and be a role model for her.

So, before my daughter is born I will carry her in my womb for 9 months, but when she is born I will carry her in my soul forever.


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Letter to, memories by Tami Jay

The author; Tami Jay.

Oluwatamilore James also known as Tami jay is a gifted writer and a lady of distinct potentials.
Discovering her talent at an early age of eight, she had dedicated her life to serving God and helping humanity.
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